A Floating Dock System That Possesses A Modular Design

Posted on: 17 December 2020

A floating dock will provide an access point to the lake that your property borders and will move up and down with the water level, guaranteeing that you have a dry surface to walk upon when climbing into your watercraft. Because there may be occasions in which you would like to make modifications to the decking or may need to remove the pieces from the water during a storm or the winter months, choose a modular design that will not be difficult to manipulate.

Float And Frame Configurations

A float will comprise the bottom of each dock module, and these materials will be anchored to the bottom of the lake. Floats are often attached to concrete anchors and will utilize a chain attachment. Floats can be compact in size or wide and elongated. A series of floats and platforms that make up a floating deck system do not need to be the same size.

You can choose a straight design or one that is L or H-shaped if you would like to have several access points that can be used and plan on anchoring more than one watercraft alongside the modules. Frames that are designed to go around each float can be constructed of aluminum, wood, or a composite material.               

The Decking Materials, Connectors, And Safety Features

The decking materials can be similar to the ones that are chosen for the frames or they can be constructed out of contrasting materials that are a different color and texture. A textured surface will aid in keeping your footing stable while walking across each module.

Choose floating deck materials that contain narrow grooves and a simple design to minimize the amount of dirty buildup that will settle in between decking boards or tiles. A modular system should be connected together. Thick chains can be used to secure the pieces. Your contractor may suggest the addition of safety features, which will keep your deck compliant with local mandates and prevent injuries. Side rails and a ladder can be installed along the sides of each module or around pieces that will be used to access the watercraft.

When choosing materials for the layout, inquire about items that will not be difficult to move from the water. Request information about the weight of each piece and adequate storage options. Storing the decks in a shed during the winter will prevent the possibility of damage to any of the materials. Contact a dock construction company for more information.