It's A Sign! Indications That Your Hardwood Floor Needs Refinishing

Posted on: 1 April 2020

One reason why hardwood floors are so popular is that they last many, many years. You will probably pass away before your hardwood floor needs to be replaced. However, while these floors last for decades, they do require some maintenance over time. In particular, they require refinishing. Here are some signs that your hardwood floor is due for a refinishing appointment.

1. You're getting splinters.

Have you or someone else been walking across the floor and gotten a splinter in your foot? Or maybe one of your kids got a splinter when playing on the floor. This is a sign that finish on the floor has worn off and the raw hardwood is being exposed, at least in certain areas. It's important to refinish the floor ASAP before anyone else gets hurt by a splinter.

2. Part of the floor is "bleached" from UV rays.

Look at the parts of your hardwood floor that sit in front of the windows. Do these areas appear discolored, bleached, or yellowed? This is a sign that the UV radiation from the sun has broken down the finish in these areas. Not only is the appearance less than ideal, but a UV-damaged finish may not offer the protection to wood that it should. Refinishing the floor will help ensure that the wood itself stays safe from UV damage.

3. Parts of the floor have a dull appearance.

Assuming your hardwood floor has a somewhat glossy finish, as many floors do, dull spots can indicate that the finish has started to wear away. You most often see this happen in the areas that get the most traffic. Refinishing the floor will restore its even sheen. Consider using a tougher finish intended for high-traffic floors to ensure the same thing does not happen again — at least for a few years.

4. There are white spots from water damage.

If parts of your hardwood floor get wet, the water may cause white spots to form. These spots won't come out regardless of what cleaner you use. The only way to treat them is to remove and replace the damaged finish. Sometimes a hardwood floor refinishing company may be able to treat only the water-damaged part of the floor, but it's usually just as easy to have the whole floor refinished while you're at it.

If your hardwood floor is showing signs that it needs refinishing, contact a floor finishing company like Alpine Wood Flooring Inc. They can provide estimates and give you a better idea of how their process will work.