Here's What You Can Expect When Having A New Air Conditioning System Installed In Your Home

Posted on: 6 January 2020

Now that you have decided to purchase a new air conditioning system, you have to think about getting it installed. Here is what you can expect when scheduling a professional installation with your service provider:

An Initial Consultation

Before your service provider installs your new air conditioning system, they'll want to schedule an initial consultation with you to determine your specific needs and expectations. They will want to know what kind of air conditioner is currently installed in your home if any. They will also want to come to your home to inspect your HVAC system to figure out how much work will have to be done before your new AC system can be installed.

For example, they may have to install new air ducts to accommodate your new system. And your service provider will sit down to make sure you understand how the installation process will unfold and what you should do to prepare for the installation. They can also answer any questions or concerns you might have, so consider making a list to refer to at the consultation appointment.

A Few Days of Work

Once your service provider shows up to install your new air conditioning system, you can expect the work to take anywhere from a couple of days to a week or more depending on how much work actually has to be done. No matter how long the installation process takes, you should prepare your family to avoid inconveniencing your service provider so they don't get slowed down.

Preparing your family will also help ensure that they are comfortable and safe while the AC system is getting installed. Take the time to make a few ground rules for everyone to follow, such as not entering the room your service provider happens to be working in at any given time.

And keep a cooler full of snacks in the family room so the kids can spend most of their time in there while work is being done in other areas of the house. Or you can give the kids something fun to do in the yard to keep them out of the house—turn on the sprinkler, provide them with water balloons, or do some gardening together.

A Completion Test

After your new air conditioning system has been installed, your service provider will inspect and test the entire system to make sure that everything is running properly and safely. They will make adjustments as necessary until you're satisfied with the performance of your new AC system.

If something isn't working properly, they will troubleshoot the problem until a solution is found. And once you are up and running, your service provider can show you how to effectively maintain your new air conditioner so it continues performing well for many years to come. For more information, contact an air conditioner installation service.