Renovate A Long-Term Tenants Old Apartment To Attract Another Multi-Year Dweller

Posted on: 17 September 2019

Apartment complexes provide a reliable investment opportunity for those willing to take on the risks of owning one. Keeping the costs associated with maintaining and running an apartment complex as low as possible supports profitability. That's one reason why long-term renters are so appreciated. Someone who stays in an apartment for 10 years saves landlord money on cleanouts, painting, and other expenses related to departing short-term tenants. When a long-time tenant does move out, a simple cleanout might not suffice. A complete remodeling job may become necessary.

No Damage Necessary for Renovations  

Great tenants take care of their apartments. A many-year tenant may stay op top of upkeep and prevent the interior from falling into neglect. Time does not stand still, though. The interior may "age out" at some point over the years. The once modern kitchen and accompanying elegant bathroom now look outdated. Anyone who thinks styles don't change should run an image search on the internet. What was once appealing a decade ago might now turn off potential new tenants. Further, what new tenants think factors into whether they move into an apartment long-term. It is beneficial to replace one long-time tenant with another one. Remember the costs associated with a litany of short-timers?

Damage from Wear and Tear 

Even when tenants do their best to keep an apartment from falling into disrepair, minor problems occur and can accumulate. Not addressing a minor leak in the bathroom, for example, can lead to moisture buildups. Fixtures then rust. Also, excess moisture can degrade and warp wooden door frames. None of the damage is intentional, but its damage nonetheless. 

Patch Jobs and Minor Fixes Won't Suffice

The apartment complex's in-house repair person can improve the looks of an apartment that doesn't require much work. If the interior is outdated and wear-and-tear repairs are more extensive than realized, "patch fixes" won't be enough. Apparent problems with the interior will likely shine through minor fixes. Potential new tenants could notice the issues and worry about things getting worse over time. Someone interested in living in the same place for many years usually wants well-maintained accommodations. If things don't look so great now, what will happen after two years of living there? 

Time for Complete Renovations

To restore the interior to brand-new condition may require a complete renovation job. Gutting the interior and almost rebuilding the apartment both improves and modernizes the interior. Potential long-term tenants may become impressed when they walk through the door.

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