Two Tips To Help You Add A Little Character To Your Home

Posted on: 31 December 2018

In an age where so many houses all seem to look just like each other, it's normal to want to step away from the pack. Cookie-cutter homes have their advantages because they make it easy for construction crews to erect entire neighborhoods in a relatively short period of time. The only problem is that these houses leave little room for you to express yourself and create a unique space that really reflects who you are. If you're ready to inject some character into your home so that it truly stands alone, here are a few tips that can help get you there.

Barn Wood Is An Excellent Accent Choice

When you go into a custom home one of the first things that will probably stand out to you are the beautiful accents. Maybe the homeowner has a gorgeous backsplash just behind their stove which is made out of the most beautiful natural stone that you've ever seen. Or, the staircase could be flanked by a metal banister that modernizes the house and makes the room appear to be something from a futuristic time and space. It's these small accents that set a home apart and really make a big difference in the look and feel that is created there.

You can take this same concept and apply it to barn wood. Barn wood adds the kind of rustic charm that you just can't find any other way. Purchase the best quality barn wood you can find and add a few pieces to your living room, use the wood to install beams in the kitchen, or even incorporate barn wood into your crown molding. It's the perfect accent that is sure to get compliments from your guests.

A Country Theme Gives You Lots Of Options

If you want to build on the usage of barn wood to add charm, you can choose to decorate your entire house with a country theme. Pick up a few bales of hay to put just outside your front door so visitors are prepared for what they are about to see once they get inside. Use pictures of farm animals, rustic browns, greens, and neutrals throughout and you're sure to end up with a gorgeous house that you truly love.

A few easy changes can transform your home in no time. Start with these tips and pretty soon your house will have the kind of character and personality that is absolutely irresistable.