6 Bath Renovation Trends To Get You Excited For A Remodel

Posted on: 4 October 2018

Performing bathroom renovations should be an exciting moment, but you'll also likely want to study up on what's going in the industry before you get started. These 6 bathroom remodeling trends will give you something to think about as you approach your project.

Rustic and Natural Looks

Bringing a feeling of the outdoors inside is becoming a popular choice, with rough wood finishes for cabinet becoming a focal point of many bathrooms. You can also accent tile areas, including floors and backsplashes, with stone features. Weathered-looking frames for mirrors, shower doors, and lights will tie the whole thing together, providing a sense of warmth. Some renovators are also using large timber frames in the corners and ceilings to bring extra style to bathrooms.

Hidden Technology

All the rustic design trends don't mean that remodels aren't going increasingly high-tech. If you're remodeling in order to sell a house, nothing will make an impression like the inclusion of hidden in-floor heating. Energy-efficient lighting is an increasingly popular choice too. Many of these options can also be integrated into modern smart home systems.

Freestanding Accessories

A lot of designs are now placing an emphasis on getting items away from the walls of bathrooms. This includes freestanding vanities and sinks that aren't attached to cabinets. Lights can be hung from the ceiling to provide additional points of interest.


Regardless of the era that inspires you, a vintage bathroom remodel can give your home a real wow factor. If the flooring is right for the job, a cast-iron tub can look very impressive. Subway tiles are also an excellent accent feature for any bath space. Even small additions, such as using old metal handrails, can add pop.

Moody Colors

Instead of being antiseptic and white rooms, baths are increasingly being styled with moodier colors, including dark greens and reds that provide an entirely different feel. Mixing and matching color choices with other trends can take a remodel over the top.

Small-Scale Luxury

With decreasing family sizes, bathrooms are often being remodeled to match. Using less space permits a bath area to be more efficient, and it also allows homeowners to focus more of their renovation dollars on luxury items. If you're going to save a few hundred dollars on tile, for example, you might want to turn that money into something that adds wow, such as upgrading the shower doors to a seamless model.