Why Your Roof Shingles Are Curved

Posted on: 29 August 2018

When you had your asphalt shingles installed, they rested flat on your roof. However, recently, they seem to have a bit of a curve to them. Why is this problem happening? Curved shingles aren't some unexplained phenomenon; they are always the result of an underlying problem. The goal is to figure out what the specific problem is. If your roof shingles are curved, learn what could be to blame.

Multiple Repairs

If your roof has undergone several repairs in the past and you performed them yourself, your efforts are likely the cause of your curved shingles. A common mistake homeowners make when repairing their own roof is to not remove the old layer of shingles. Instead, the homeowner simply places the new layer of shingles over the old. 

Yes, you can install multiple layers of shingles. However, there is a limit. Too many layers prevent the shingles from adhering to the roof properly, which can cause them to fail prematurely. A roofing professional will be able to determine when the roof needs to be stripped. 

Lack of Ventilation

A leading reason for curved roof shingles is inadequate ventilation. All the heat from the lower levels of your house will rise and settle within the attic. If the area is not adequately ventilated, moisture will build up in the attic as a result. The moisture can even travel upwards toward your roof decking. 

The excess moisture can cause your shingles to loosen and curl and can even lead to mold forming under the shingles. Have your roof eaves inspected to ensure the vents are not obstructed. Even something as seemingly harmless as a bird's nest can block the flow of air and lead to moisture concerns.  

Poor Installation

How long a roof last depends very much on its installation. A poor installation most always leads to a reduced lifespan. For example, roof shingles must be precisely installed based on the location of the tar line. If the shingle is not positioned just right against the tar line, it will not adhere to the roof appropriately and curl eventually. 

Even worse, the shingles could detach from the roof and leave the underlayers of the roof exposed. If the shingles were not installed by a professional, this issue is likely the reason why. 

The most important thing to remember about curved roof shingles is that there is an underlying problem. If your shingles are curved, contact a repair professional promptly. The shingle roof repair professional will be able to determine the reason for the challenge and perform the necessary repairs.