Three Benefits To Choosing A Metal Roof

Posted on: 31 May 2018

When it comes to choosing roofing materials for your home, you have many available choices. Metal roofs might not be as common in your neighborhood as other roofing materials, but there are many reasons to choose this option for your home. Explore some of the benefits of metal roofing before you begin planning your new roof project.

Energy Savings

Metal roofs have a reflective property that can shield your home from hot summer sun, keeping your home more energy efficient. By reflecting solar heat instead of absorbing it like some other types of roofing materials can, a metal roof can be a cost-effective means of protecting your home. Remember that your roof doesn't have to have an unfinished look to offer these reflective properties, so feel free to purchase a bold color for your metal roof.


With some type so of roofing materials, water can become absorbed into the roof where it can lead to mold and leaks. With a metal roof, water simply rolls off to keep your home dry and safe from foul weather. If you have a flat metal roof, you may need to clear any standing water from time to time, but a properly installed metal roof will offer better water resistance than some other options available on the market. If your home has a pitched roof, just make sure that your gutter system is in good repair and that any downspouts are properly pitched. With a good drainage system, your metal roof can help keep water away from your home. 


If you are worried about the impact your roof has on the environment, a metal roof might be just the answer for you. A metal roof can be installed directly over your asphalt shingle roof, which eliminates waste and helps to make sure that your old roof doesn't take up space in a local landfill. The long-lasting strength and durability that come with metal roofs means you won't have to replace your home's roofing structure as often as you might with wood shakes or asphalt shingles. Of course, when it is time to replace your metal roof, you can rest easy knowing that the material can be easily recycled to further reduce your impact on the environment.

Talk to your roofing contractor to see if a metal roof is right for you. This beautiful material can bring out the best in your home while offering an eco-friendly, cost-effective investment in your home.