Why To Include New Plumbing And A New Electrical System When You Remodel Your Home

Posted on: 10 March 2018

If you love the layout of your older house and enjoy the vintage look of the original windows, doors, and walls, then you may not have much cosmetic work to do when you want to remodel it. Fresh paint and refinishing the floors could be all you need to make your home feel bright and clean again. However, you don't want to overlook the functional parts of your home such as the plumbing and electrical system. These two areas may need to be top on your list when your home needs to be updated. Here's why your older home may need to have new plumbing and a new electrical system put in when you're engaging in home remodeling.

The Plumbing Pipes May Be Close To Failing

No matter what your pipes are made of, they eventually wear out. Some materials wear out faster than others. For instance, galvanized steel was used at one time and then the practice was stopped. All the pipes installed during that time have now aged and are springing leaks due to corrosion in the pipes. If your old home has galvanized steel pipes, it is a good idea to consider putting in new pipes when your home is disrupted anyway due to remodeling.

In addition, if your home has old lead pipes, you'll want to talk to your contractor about having them removed to improve the safety of your drinking water. When you have new plumbing installed, it's convenient to install new fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen that you might otherwise put off. The new pipes can be routed for a kitchen island sink or a new shower. You could even have new pipes put in for a basement shower or toilet. This type of work can be done without necessarily changing the vintage look of your home. You can still have your cast iron tub or farm sink, it's just the plumbing that changes so they function in a more efficient and safe way.

The Electrical System May Be Outdated

You might balk at spending a lot of money on new plumbing, but you may be willing to pay for a new electrical system so your home has more outlets and can run multiple appliances at once. While you may want your home to retain its historic appeal, you don't want to have to use electricity like you were living a hundred years ago. The demand for electricity in the home today has skyrocketed due to technologically advanced refrigerators, ovens, and washers. Plus, you have more electronics that need to be plugged in at the same time. If your electrical system is old, you probably don't have enough outlets, and your system may be overloaded too. This is not only a matter of inconvenience, it is a safety hazard in your home.

If you can keep most of the original structure of your home and just remodel it with new paint, wallpaper, and décor, then you may have enough money in your budget to upgrade your electrical or plumbing system so you can live with modern conveniences in your old home.