How to Get Dents Out of Washing Machines

Posted on: 11 December 2017

A washing machine is a necessity in busy households. The majority of washing machines are made from sheet metal, which seems unlikely to dent. However, you could accidentally bump it while you move it or it may get hit with a heavy object. Luckily, you should be able to remove small dents without professional help. Fix the dent in your washing machine by following these steps.

Prepare to Fix the Dent

To fix a dent in the washing machine, you need:

  • work gloves
  • cloth  screwdriver
  • dry ice or compressed air 
  • small plunger 
  • hair dryer
  • touch-up paint. 

Disconnect the power cord, and pull the machine from the wall, taking care not to bump it. If the dent is behind the unit, get an assistant to help you. It isn't necessary to move washers to fix dents on doors or side walls.

Plunge the Dent Out

Remove the control panel screws with the screwdriver, and set the parts aside. Raise the lid, locate the metal cabinet, and pull it from the washing machine. Feel the dent with your fingers to find the most stressed area of the dent,  which is the tightest area.

If the dent is a small door dent,  you may able to pop it with a plunger. Press the plunger onto the dent until it pops. 

Apply Dry Ice

Wear thick gloves when handling dry ice. Keep the sheet of dry ice on the dent until two inches beyond the dent has been frosted. Remove the dry ice, then blow the dent with your hair dryer on the highest setting. 

The ice and heat should help pull the sheet metal back to its original form in less than one minute. Use a cloth to clean the fixed area. 

If you prefer to not use dry ice, try popping the dent with compressed air. Ensure the compressed air is the right temperature to freeze, and hold it upside down when you spray. 

Continue spraying for one or two minutes. The creases in dents may still show after using the dry ice or compressed air method, especially if the creasing is significant.

Use Touch-Up Paint

Another way to cover dents is with a matching touch-up paint from an auto supply store or hardware store. However, for best results, order the paint directly from your washing machine maker for dealers near you. Look for a paint code in the machine manual. Wipe the area, brush on the paint, and let it dry.

If you are still unable to fix the dent in your washing machine or other appliance, contact an appliance repair contractor such as J & M Appliance.