Signs You Need Gas Line Repair In Your Home

Posted on: 5 October 2017

If any of your appliances use gas, such as your stove, clothes dryer or even your fireplace, gas lines are installed throughout your home to carry the gas to those appliances. However, over time, the lines age or they become damaged. When this occurs, it is important to have the lines replaced to prevent gas leaks in your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know what the signs are that indicate that gas line repair is needed or that new gas lines need to be installed. Here are three signs that gas line repair is needed in your home. 

The Lines Are Cracking

Most gas lines are made from a metal material. If the line gets kinked or pinched, the metal can begin to crack or split open. If you notice any cracks or splits on the gas line, it needs to be replaced. Gas can seep out of these splits or cracks. Keeping your line free of kinks and not bunched up can prevent this from happening. 

The Lines are Rusted or Corroded

Another sign that you need gas line repair in your home is rusted or corroded gas lines. The most common reason why gas lines rust or corrode is because water was spilled on the gas line and not cleaned up. Rust and corrosion can both eat away at the metal coating on the pipe, eventually eating through it. Because both weaken metal, rust should not simply be removed from the line. Instead, the entire line should be replaced to ensure it is structurally safe and sound. 

You Hear Hissing Coming From the Line

The last sign that indicates you need gas line repair in your home is the sound of hissing coming from your gas line or pipe. If you hear hissing, it is likely gas that is escaping from the pipe. When you notice this, you will need to turn the emergency shut off valve on the pipe off immediately to prevent anywhere from getting sick in your home Often, this sound is accompanied by a rotten egg smell, which is also indicative of a gas leak. If you hear hissing, do not wait to shut the gas line off and get it repaired immediately. 

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to have gas line installation and repair done right away. Contact a gas line installation company, such as Adams Plumbing & Heating Company, to help you repair or replace your gas line.