Refreshing An Old Bathroom With A New Look

Posted on: 3 February 2017

Older homes can have a lot of character in the way they were built and sometimes old bathroom fixtures can be part of that charm. But what happens when you want to keep some of that old feel and still have modern fixtures and a new functioning bathroom in your home? There are options available to you.

Replacing Versus Repairing

If it is just the fixtures in your bathroom that need to be updated, you can buy new fixtures with up to date seals and valve that still look like the original old fixtures that were in your home. Many companies are offering replica faucets, shower heads, and other bathroom products that you can choose from. The best part is, they look like the originals but without all the leaks and drips that came with them.

Restoring An Old Bath Tub

If you have an older, enamel bathtub that was original to the home, you may want to keep it. Some of the classic cast iron tubs with claw feet are beautiful and will really stand out in your home but many have chips in the enamel that need repair. Luckily there are companies that can come to your home and refinish those tubs, filling chips, repairing nonstructural cracks, and making that old piece look brand new again.

Installing New Cabinetry With and Old Look

What about the bathroom cabinets and sink area? There are options there too. If you want to maintain that old or classic look, you can order cabinets that look like the originals but have modern hardware, drawer slides, and hinges on them. This gives you the look you want without all the sticking drawers to deal with. If you can't find the cabinet you want at a home center, you can still find some cabinet makers that will handcraft something for you that will have the quality and style you are looking for and will stand the test of time.

Updating the Sink

If you are buying new fixtures, why not address the sink in that bathroom too? Like the bathtub, the sink can be restored if it is original and needs a little refresh. Alternatively, there are sinks on the market that look like the old one you are removing but are made from lighter, more durable materials. The choice is yours so take some time to consider the options when you get ready to refresh your old bathroom. Updated doesn't have to mean changing the look if you like that simple, classic style bathroom or if you are trying to keep an original feel to your home.