3 Chimney Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Posted on: 3 February 2017

If your home has a fireplace, you might sometimes enjoy burning a nice, warm fire on a cold winter's day. While this can be a great way to sit back and relax with the family, it's also important that you keep some basic safety tips in mind if you want your fireplace and your home's chimney to remain in good condition. Here are three chimney safety tips to keep in mind to ensure that it will continue working properly for years to come.

You'll Need Less Wood Than You Think

Over time, as you burn wood in your fireplace, your chimney will get a build-up of creosote. If you don't want to have to have a chimney sweep out to your home every winter, take steps to ensure that you are not overdoing it when burning the wood. Burn wood on a grate within the fireplace but don't stack it too high or allow wood to burn off of the grate. You'll likely find that it doesn't take that much wood to generate a nice-sized fire.

Keep the Fireplace and Chimney Clear of Obstructions

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it can actually be pretty common for families to get careless with their holiday decorations and other similar items the rest of the year. Never hang any decorations anywhere near the fireplace. You don't want the heat or a jumping ember from a crackling fire coming into contact with anything flammable. The same logic applies to your chimney itself. If you have trees that hang over your house, make sure that no branches are anywhere near the chimney. You want the smoke to be able to ventilate without running into any problems.

Put a Cap On It

While your chimney will most often have smoke coming out of it, you also want to be sure that nothing ends up going down in the opposite direction. That's where the chimney cap comes into play. You can get a top for your chimney that is made out of wire mesh. This will allow the smoke to still properly flow out of your home, but it should also keep snow, rain and even birds or various debris from getting inside the chimney.

In order to keep your chimney in good shape, take it easy with how much wood you are burning for each fire and be sure to keep your chimney (and fireplace) free of any potential obstructions. If you believe that your chimney has developed a crack or encountered any other problems, reach out to a company like A Sound Chimney & Masonry LLC that performs chimney inspections.