Water Well System Maintenance Tips That Ensure A Safe Drinking Supply

Posted on: 6 October 2016

If you are a homeowner and you have your own water well situated on your property, you most likely want to take the needed steps in keeping your water supply safe for consumption, bathing, and cleaning. Failing to keep tabs on the activities that occur around your well, in addition to failing to evaluate the water supply regularly, can lead to illness if the supply is contaminated in any way. Here are some steps you can take to ensure the water you use on a daily basis is in the best possible condition at all times.

Make It A Priority To Keep Hazardous Material Away From The Well

It is extremely important to keep all hazardous materials away from your drinking supply. Any liquid substance you use near your well can seep into the system if there is damage to the well structure. Avoid washing an item with a chemical agent anywhere near your well. Consider switching from pesticides to organic methods such as the application of nematodes when pests are a problem in your yard. Keep pets away from the well so waste does not add bacteria to your water supply. Do not place your gas container on the ground near your well when filling a lawnmower or weed-wacker. Keeping liquid items away from your well will keep your supply at a lower risk of contamination.

Inspect The Well System For Indications Of Damage

Take the time to check over the structural components of your well system periodically for damage. The cap portion protruding from the ground should have a tight seal to keep water contained without worry of unwanted additives. If this cap appears cracked, or if it jiggles around loosely when you try to jostle it, it may be putting your water supply at risk. The sound of trickling water near the well indicates a problem with a valve inside. If either of these scenarios occur, call a well inspection service to check over your well in detail and make needed repairs.

Evaluate And Disinfect Your Water Supply To Ensure Quality

It is a good idea to have your well water tested if you are worried the supply has been compromised. Call your local Health Department to find out the number of a reputable water testing service in your area. If they indicate your water is not up to par, they will give you recommendations on the right method in treating it so it is considered safe once again. In many cases, adding bleach to the supply will eliminate bacteria present inside. This can be done on your own, but will require that the water supply is not used for a few days afterward to allow the substance to mix with the supply completely.