Important Steps In The Process Of Grading A Yard

Posted on: 7 August 2016

Using fill dirt to shape a yard and channel the flow of water away from a home's foundation is a good idea for aesthetic reasons and for proper drainage. It's also a fairly straightforward landscaping process.

The following are seven steps to the process of grading a yard with fill dirt:

Get rid of vegetation

The first step to grading a yard is to remove any vegetation that is growing around the home's foundation. It's possible to pull vegetation up with the roots and replant it afterwards. Otherwise, it will be necessary to reseed the yard after fill dirt has been placed. 

Create a slope line using stakes

A slope line needs to be envisioned and outlined using stakes. This slope line should allow water to slope down from the home and drain away from the foundation. 

Establish slope lines using stakes

Strings should be placed along each of the slope lines that have been established by the stakes. Run a string along each line and make sure that the string at every slope line is at the same height at each point. 

Gradually mark out a raise in each section of yard using the strings

You should then manipulate the elevation of each slope line slightly so that the slope lines gradually descend the further you get from the home's foundation.

Don't make the slope away from the foundation too steep. An excessively steep slope could encourage soil erosion and make it hard for vegetation to grow. 

Place fill dirt in the designated area

The next step is to place the fill dirt between the ground and all the strings. You can transport fill dirt into place using a wheelbarrow. For larger scale jobs, you may use a tractor to move large quantities of fill dirt at once. 

As you place the fill dirt, make sure you leave some sign of the stakes above the ground so you don't lose track of where the stakes and strings have been placed. 

Pack down fill dirt using a lawn roller

You need to then pack down the fill dirt you have put into place so that it is not easily washed away by rain. A lawn roller can be used to firmly pack down the fill dirt so that it is ready for seeding or for you to replant the original vegetation.

Remove all stakes and strings from the yard

Don't forget to remove the stakes and strings from the yard after you have packed down the fill dirt. Contact a materials supplier,like Southern Landscape Materials, for more help.