Do You And Your Neighbors Want A More Private Subdivision? Options To Consider

Posted on: 12 May 2016

If you and your neighbors are tired of people driving through your neighborhood that doesn't have an outlet, and you want to keep people from passing through for no reason, or with malicious intent, you'll want to talk with your homeowners association.

Video Surveillance

Put a security camera at the entrance of your subdivision, and include a sign that warns people they are being watched. This may be enough to keep people from pulling in, and you'll have everyone that comes in and out of the development on camera. The cost of an IP camera system is worth the investment, especially if you've had some suspicious activity lately. These can be hidden throughout the subdivision as well if you want more than just one at the main entrance.

Custom Gates

Would you prefer it if people had to drive up to a closed gate before they could get into the subdivision? You can get a gate that is motion activated, so even though it will open for all, people will likely pass it by if they think they can't get in. You can also get a gate that requires a pass code; often this can be each person's address. If so, you can have this gate on a timer or effective all the time. This is a great way to make the subdivision private, and to stop people from wandering in and driving around. Contact a company like Carter Fence Co for more information.

Privacy Signs

Changing the sign that you see when you drive up to the development, or adding a sign that says Private Drive should warn drivers that they can be in trouble for passing through. These can be created out of stone or wood, and they can look very nice, instead of something that stands on a stick. Talk with the homeowners association about getting the privacy signs and warnings added around the property entrance.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to make the development more private, and to stop people from house-looking and driving around without a reason. You may have to get approval from the city where you live for some of these additions to be made, but these changes are worth the time and cost. It's worth spending the money if you have to pay more on your homeowner's association fees to get these different changes in place, and to make your development somewhere you feel is private and safe.