Tips For Adding Rustic Charm To Your Kitchen

Posted on: 14 October 2015

It's time for a kitchen remodel to increase space, improve functionality or address some other issues. However, style is eventually going to be part of the consideration as well. Kitchens are classically cozy, and it doesn't get much cozier than a rustic or cottage kitchen. Add rustic charm to your kitchen to promote the feeling of a family gathering space.

Have Plank Flooring Installed

If replacing your floor is part of the remodel plan, hardwood flooring has probably entered the conversation. If you opt for a hardwood floor, consider splurging on the wider planks. In fact, look for either limed or even reclaimed wood flooring to give your kitchen that authentic rustic feel.

Include Beaded Board

Beaded board paneling is a charming addition to the cottage-style kitchen. There are numerous ways to use this trim. For example, consider paneling one wall in beaded board, painting it a pastel color and attaching white shelving. Alternatively, get creative by utilizing the material for the fronts of cabinets and even your kitchen island. Finally, you can make your cottage kitchen a little more formal by having beaded board installed about a third of the way up the wall and painting a pastel color above it.

Mix Shelving

 Rustic kitchens typically mix different types of storage options. To enhance this vintage look, Better Homes and Gardens suggests mixing open shelving with recessed-panel cabinets. When selecting open shelves, look for options with scrolls or other vintage details. Alternatively, go more rustic with natural wood shelves. Either way, place pretty crockery on these shelves, and save your essentials for the closed cabinets.

Chip the Paint

To really promote the rustic feel of your kitchen, consider selecting areas in which the paint looks chipped. For example, kitchen islands literally stand alone, so they're an ideal space for getting creative. Paint the island the target color, and then have it sanded. This gives the paint a well-worn patina, as if your kitchen has been the center of the family for a century.

Search for Reclaimed Fixtures

Of course, an alternative to making something look old is to select something that actually is old. Patronize salvage yards, flea markets and antique stores for fixtures you can add to your kitchen. For example, the old bin-style hardware characteristic of general stores adds definite country appeal to your kitchen. Light fixtures are another likely source for reclaimed hardware. You could even check out reclamation centers for beams and mantels to add rustic architecture to your kitchen's overall look.

When planning for a rustic-style kitchen, blend vintage items with faded or worn finishes that channel the cozy hearths of the past. Work with a company like Economy Kitchen & Bath to make sure everything is installed correctly and set up for maximum efficiency.