A Closer Look at the Downfalls and Shortcomings of Outdated Windows

Posted on: 15 June 2015

It is no big secret that if you want your home to be more energy efficient, the first place you should start investigating and considering changes should be the windows. Old windows can mean a major downfall when it comes to making sure your home is as efficient as possible. However, most homeowners do not completely understand just how damaging old windows can be in a home. Here are a few of the downfalls and shortcomings you should consider when you are checking to see if you need replacement windows in your home.

Loss of Heated and Cooled Air

From lacking seals to cracks and crevices, old windows often leave many opportunities for your expensive heated and cooled air to make its way out. Years ago, efficiency just was not as big of a concern as it is today and it really shows in the difference in craftsmanship between old windows and more modern replacement windows. Most are designed with dual panes and rubber gaskets around the edges, and you would never be able to feel a breeze if it blew directly at the window itself.

Potentially Damaging UV Rays

The sunlight produces UV rays that radiate through the windows and can cause damage to a lot of the interior in your home. These powerful rays have the ability to fade drapes and carpet, damage wooden surfaces, and even deteriorate drywall and paint. Old windows do not have the ability to block out UV rays and will provide no form of protection against the bright rays of the sun. Modern replacement windows, on the other hand, can offer as much as 74 percent of UV rays from the sun.

Solar Radiated Heat Increase

If you stand in front of your outdated windows for very long, there is a pretty good chance that you will really feel the heat. Not only are UV rays harmful to your belongings and home interior, they also produce an incredible amount of heat. Unfortunately, many old glass windows amplify the heat instead of reflecting it away from your home. This means that your home's air conditioner will have to work even harder to cool down the space.

When you take a look at the pitfalls of the old windows in your home, there is no doubt you will understand why replacement windows could be so beneficial. Talk to a representative from a window company like Mitchell Window & Door to find out more about what new windows could do for your home.