9 Tips To Conserve On Energy Bills

Posted on: 29 April 2015

During the cold winter months, keeping your energy costs to a minimum is important if you want to save money. Fortunately, you can keep your heating budget within reason by staying vigilant when it comes to your heating system and oil. Here are nine ways you can save money when it turns cold outside. 

  1. Buy heating oil off season. When the weather warms up, the price of heating oil is dropped by some dealers. This is a great time for you to stock up on oil and save money. 
  2. Choose the right pricing plan. If you have signed up for a heating oil delivery plan, be sure to take time to assess your needs and the prices offered. For instance, it is important you know the difference between market and fixed price plans. 
  3. Get a breakdown of your bill. Whenever you do order new oil, ask for a breakdown of your bill. This helps you to determine if there are changes to the prices for items, such as delivery fee and fuel surcharges. 
  4. Conserve your oil usage. Focus on finding ways to keep warm without using oil. For instance, add an extra blanket to the beds in your home. 
  5. Update your heating system. Older heating systems are not as energy efficient as newer models. Talk to your HVAC professional to find the best system for your home. 
  6. Check your insulation. Ensure that you have good insulation throughout your home. Poor insulation allows heat to escape, while letting cold air into your home. 
  7. Contact customer service. Call your heating oil supplier and ask about all of the discounts that are currently available. If you hear one that you qualify for, ask the agent to help you set it up.
  8. Schedule your deliveries appropriately. Some heating oil delivery services might charge extra for deliveries that are scheduled during certain periods, such as the weekend or after hours. Ensure your deliveries are during the non-premium hours. 
  9. Stop heat loss in your home. Look for ways that heat can escape your home and seal them off. For instance, caulk the spaces between your walls and windows and insulate the pipes through which the heating system pushes air into your home. 

In addition to keeping your energy costs low, you can help also prolong the life of your heating system by taking these steps. The less your system has to work to keep your home warm, the less wear it will experience. Talk to your heating oil supplier and HVAC pro for other things you can do to keep your costs down. For more heating tips, contact a company like Self Heating Cooling.