Small Ways To Increase Late-Night Employee Safety At Your 24 Hour Business

Posted on: 14 April 2015

Security concerns are heightened when businesses stay open for 24 hours. Working after dark when the streets are relatively empty comes at its own risks. Following these tips will help you keep your employees safe after hours.

Provide Secure Employee Parking

Employees who get off their shift at midnight must walk to their car in the dark, and may need to do so alone. Providing your employees with secure parking for these occasions will increase their safety. Provide your employees with a parking lot that is:

  • Near the store or business exit. 
  • Securely fenced in.
  • In a well-lit area.

Use parking lot flood lights to ensure that your employees can see their vehicles and the entire surrounding area. Cut down any nearby bushes and landscaping that could a stranger could hide behind late at night.

Institute a Buddy System for Working Outside Late at Night

If your employees must go outside at night, whether that's to throw food away in the dumpster or to perform another task, have your employees go out together. Require your employees to go outside in pairs after a certain time at night.

Keep Spare Doors Locked

Outside doors that are not regularly used can become a liability to your business, because strangers can use those doors to trespass on your property. Lock all doors that are not regularly used by customers and employees, and institute a strict policy forbidding employees from propping those doors open.

Make sure that all employees who need to use your business' less frequently used outside doors have keys. This will prevent your employees from propping the doors open even just for a little while.

Put Up Commercial Security Cameras

Security cameras have benefits that go well beyond catching illegal activity on your property. Here are a few other ways that security cameras can keep your employees safe:

  • Putting up signs about security cameras keep criminals from attempting anything illegal. If they know they'll get caught, criminals are less likely to try anything on your property.
  • Cameras can also prevent employee-on-employee violence. Alerting your employees to the presence of security cameras can actually reduce cases of workplace violence and make your employees more likely to treat one another with respect.

In general, if you do plan to use security cameras to keep your employees and the general public well-behaved, these tips will help you maximize the effectiveness of your cameras:

  • Put up as many cameras as possible. Flood the area around and inside your business with cameras, especially near entrances and in the parking lot.
  • The more obvious your cameras are, the better. Put a flashing light on top of each camera. This will serve as a subtle reminder of each camera's presence.

For more information and tips on ways that you can protect your employees, contact Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.