Easy Ways To Fix Your Clogged Kitchen Sink

Posted on: 1 April 2015

Is your kitchen drain backed up? If so, you may have tried running your garbage disposal to help break down any items that have created a blockage in your kitchen sink. Well, if your garbage disposal isn't working properly then this may not resolve your issue. To ensure your garbage disposal is working correctly, there are a few things that you will want to do to fix any issues that your disposal may have so you can use your unit to clear your kitchen drain. So, to fix your garbage disposal, you will want to try:

Manually Spinning The Disposal Blades:

If any item that is stuck in your drain is too large for your disposal unit then the blades on your unit may not be strong enough to slice through the item. This can cause your disposal unit to jam, which can prevent you from being able to clear space in your drain for water flow. A great method to fix something like this is to manually spin your blades, as this allows you to apply a bit more force when slicing through the item that is stuck in your drain. Your disposal unit likely came with a wrench tool, which you can insert into the small hole located at the bottom of your unit. Placing the wrench into the hole and turning it will allow you to manually spin your blade, which may help fix your jam garbage disposal.

Resetting The Disposal's Circuit:

Often times the electrical circuit on your disposal can cut itself off. This can be fixed by locating the reset button of your disposal, which is likely near the bottom. If the button is raised, then you will want to press it. You should hear a click, which indicates your button has been properly reset. This will reset the electrical circuit, which will likely help fix any electrical issues that your unit may have been experiencing.

Fill Your Drain with Boiling Water:

If you have a good amount of food in your drain that is causing the jam in your disposal and the clog in your drain then you may want to boil water and pour it down into your sink. Over time and with multiple attempts, the hot water will deteriorate the food that is stuck in your drain, which will help it clear down your sink pipes and pass through your plumbing. This is a great and easy way to fix your issues, so definitely give this a try if your drain is clogged and you cannot get your disposal unit to work.

With these tips and methods, you will likely be able to resolve your disposal issues, so you can clear your kitchen drain and prevent any further water back ups. These options are all effective to a certain extent, are very affordable, and easy to perform. So, before you contact a plumbing professional, consider taking matters into your own hands and try out these methods.