How To Know If Your Tree Is In Need Of Complete Removal

Posted on: 27 February 2015

While you might like the idea of having trees on your property, it is important to know when one must come down due to safety reasons. Take a moment to check out the following signs that should easily alert you to the fact that it is time to call a tree removal company.

Extensive Amounts Of Fungus

Fungus will grow in large amounts on decaying trees. Therefore, if you spot a large amount of fungus, even if the rest of the tree looks as though it is in good enough shape, you need to call a tree removal company. If you do not act quickly, there is a good chance that the tree could suddenly give out and land on your house or on a person.

It Is Starting To Lean

There are some small trees that naturally grow a little differently. However, should you find that one of your larger trees that used to stand right up is now leaning over, it is time to call for help. Even though you might think that there is plenty of room to simply allow it to fall on its own, that is the last thing you want to do. A child or animal could be in the way when it falls. It could also fall with such an impact that it sends pieces of tree and splinters through the air, which could strike someone or something.

Sawdust Surrounds The Tree Base

Unless you have been cutting wood right next to your tree, there is no reason for there to be a pile of sawdust around the base of your tree. Therefore, if this is something that you stumble across, you need to call in a tree removal service. This means that your tree has been attacked by vicious insects and they have caused extensive and irreversible damage to your tree for it to be to the point you are noticing the sawdust on the ground.

Multiple Cracks In The Base

A single crack or two might not mean that the tree must be removed right away. However, if you are noticing several large cracks and they appear to be rather deep, the tree must come down. If you do not bring it down on your own, there is a good chance that the base will eventually completely split apart, causing the tree to come crashing to the ground.

Now that you are more aware of what signs indicate that a tree should be removed, you will be able to spot potential tree problems and solve them before anyone gets hurt. If you need help determining whether or not your tree has any of these symptoms, work with a service like Chudy Tree Care.