Three Tips For Decorating Your Metal Backyard Fence On Halloween

Posted on: 20 February 2015

Halloween is a great time to bring out your artistic abilities, especially if you have a lot of time to make your own custom jack-o'-lanterns and decorations. But since most metal fences from a company like Everlasting Fence expose your backyard to the outside world much more than wooden fences do, there will be a lot of pressure on you to make all of your outdoor decorations attractive. To help in this process, don't forget these three tips for decorating a metal fence on Halloween.

Use Straw Covering To Make Your Backyard More Opaque

If you don't want to decorate your entire backyard with elaborate Halloween props, there's always the option to make your metal fence more opaque by putting some kind of cover on it. Depending on how tall your fence is, this will either greatly obscure the prominence of your backyard or render it completely invisible.

Thin pieces of straw stitched together like a blanket, found at your local holiday store, are great for obscuring the space behind a metal fence while keeping with a Halloween theme. But you should only use straw in light doses to decrease visibility rather than completely eliminate it. If you use too much of it in too many places, it loses its charm and ends up looking tacky.

Put Jack-o'-lanterns Right Outside A Gate And Cover Them In Leaves

If your backyard fence includes a gate, jack-o'-lanterns placed on either side and facing out will look very good with it. In order to draw attention to them, it's also a good idea to place the jack-o'-lanterns on the outside perimeter of your fence rather than inside. Even though people will be able to see the pumpkins from the inside of your fence, the metal bars in the way will significantly decrease the visual impact of your efforts.

Further secondary decorations such as detached bush leaves to cover the jack-o'-lanterns will make the whole scene look more authentic. If you can, invite a friend over to get a second opinion on what arrangement of leaves around the jack-o'-lanterns looks best.

Use A Smoke Machine To Your Advantage

Smoke machines aren't very expensive if you buy them off-season. And even just one can make the difference between an aesthetically pleasing but ordinary scene and a spooky Halloween treat.

If you have the money, opt for a slightly more expensive battery powered smoke machine rather than one that has to be run with an extension cord. It can be exceedingly difficult to hide a cord stretched across a backyard in any meaningful way.

Smoke machines are more difficult to use with metal fences than they are with wooden fences, simply because it'll be harder to cover up the machine with a decoration without making your illusion obvious. For this purpose, a few plastic or blowup gravestones flanking a smoke machine covered in a thick layer of dirt and leaves is probably your best option. For good measure, you can even include an affordable plastic skeleton or zombie.

What better way is there to raise your neighbors' esteem of you than with killer Halloween decorations? Just make sure that any enthusiasm you have about the season is backed up with sound planning.