Giving Back: What You Can Do As A General Contractor For Your Community

Posted on: 13 February 2015

When your business has been prosperous, you most likely want to thank others and help those around you succeed. As a general contractor, you might be limited fiscally because your cash flow has to be maintained for the next job. However, there are some ways you can contribute charitably that do not involve money.

Habitat for Humanity

This is an internationally-recognized charity that builds homes for needy families. Although half of the construction crew on every project are volunteers with no construction experience, the other half are skilled laborers like you. You work side by side, teaching others construction skills and helping the future owners of the home learn to repair and install things on their own. They build up sweat equity in their homes learning important skills from you, and you get to donate your time, energy and maybe even some materials to the cause.

Youth Centers and Playgrounds

Other construction and charity projects include building youth centers to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble, as well as building safe playgrounds for children to play. You may not have to build an entire youth center. The board of directors for many youth centers seek charitable help to add on or expand the centers they already have, giving more kids a chance to go someplace safe before and after school. Run-down playgrounds needing repair and face lifts are also another way for you to give back. You can help your city's parks and recreation department replace dangerous equipment and make the playgrounds wheelchair accessible.

Community Clinics

Many community clinics are on a restricted budget. They may lack places for the sick and injured to sit down, or they have problems with their electricity. As a general contractor, you could volunteer once or twice a week, for an entire day, providing whatever comfort measures possible to the patients and services to the clinic.

Finding Time to Give Back

If you are serious about giving your services away to help others, you will find a time and a place near you to do it. Like most contractors, you probably have a slow season, and this is the perfect time to help others while still managing your proposals for upcoming projects. You do not have to make charity a full-time job--find a cause and a place you want to help and the rest is easy. Whatever general contracting skills and licenses you have, you can use them to give back to your city.