Own A Pool? Don't Drown In Liability Worries

Posted on: 27 January 2015

Owning a pool can provide hours of sunny fun, but it can also be a risk, so you need to be prepared. Someone can easily get hurt or worse playing around a pool, and you want to limit who can get in and out. There are a few different ways you can create a safer pool, and you can make the property around your home safer for all.

With the addition of a security gate, an alarm system, a security cover, and motion lighting, you can more easily monitor the activity in your pool. This will help you keep out unwanted guests, and it can protect you from liability issues.

Security Gates

Not only should you put a security gate a few feet away from the perimeter of the pool, but you may also want a security fence around your entire property. The gate should be tall enough to keep small children out, and should be self-locking, so it is always locked. The self-locking latch will require someone to be tall enough to open it, and they have to have the knowledge, keeping small children away. To install a security gate, contact contractors, such as Automated Gate Services Inc.

Safety Cover

A cover that ties or rolls over the pool and has a locking system is ideal. The cover shouldn't just prevent access to the pool without the combination or key, but it should also bear weight. There are covers that can bear the weight of a full grown man or animal, so you don't have to worry about the cover caving in and suffocating someone in the water.

Alarm System

People may still be able to get in your pool, even though you put up gates and put on a cover to keep them out. An alarm system will float at the water line to detect any movement in the water. If someone or something falls in, the system will go off. You can have this linked wirelessly with your cell phone or home security system.

Motion Lighting

Motion lighting will help alert you if someone is lingering around your back yard, or if someone is trying to get in the pool. It also shines light on someone that is on your property.

If you have a pool or you want to get one soon, make sure that you take all of these precautions so you don't have to worry as much about someone drowning or falling in your pool. These safety precautions will also help lower your insurance rates.