Why A Slate Roof Still Makes Sense

Posted on: 6 January 2015

A century ago, most homes had slate roofs. Then, this roofing material, made naturally by layers of sedimentary rock being pressed in the earth over time, was plentiful and affordable. Then came manufactured roofing materials like asphalt shingles, and slate fell out of fashion. However, this type of roofing still has a lot to recommend it.

Advantages to choosing slate for your roof

1. Durability. The chief advantage to using slate for your roof is durability. A properly-installed slate roof can last for 100 years or more, compared to just 15 to 20 years for an asphalt shingle roof. That means a slate roof is the last roof you'll ever have to buy for your home.

2. Increased property value. Because potential home buyers know that they won't ever have to replace the roof, adding a slate roof will likely boost your property's value and attractiveness to buyers when it comes time to market your home.

3. Beauty. Slate has a natural beauty that's impossible to replicate in a factory. Each slate roofing tile is unique with its own combination of hues. Slate roofing tiles range in color from gray to pink to green to black.

4. Easy maintenance and repairs. A slate roof is easy to maintain and repair. This type of roof needs almost no maintenance and the rare damaged tile can be removed and replaced by a roofing contractor without disturbing the rest of the roof.

5. Water resistant. The thickness of slate roofing tiles makes this type of roof virtually impervious to water. Instead of being absorbed, rain water and melting snow slide right off of slate tiles.

6. Fire resistant. Slate tiles are also fire resistant. They don't burn like asphalt and wooden shingles will. Because of this, many homeowner's insurance companies will offer a discount to homeowners that install a slate roof.

7. Eco-friendly. Because a slate shingle roof lasts so long, many fewer slate shingles end up in America's landfills than do asphalt shingles and other types of roofing. In addition, slate is a 100 percent natural product and doesn't require any potentially toxic chemicals in its production, nor does it leak any toxic materials into the ground when it is eventually discarded.

8. Energy-efficient. Slate doesn't absorb the sun's UV rays as asphalt does. Therefore, your cooling system doesn't have to work so hard during the summer to keep your home comfortable.

While a slate roof isn't the right choice for every home, this type of roof is extremely durable, has a natural beauty and can help to boost your property value.