Amazing Cranes: 5 Things You Didn't Know Cranes Could Do

Posted on: 30 December 2014

Cranes aren't just for lifting heavy construction equipment. These handy machines are useful for all kinds of purposes including entertainment and health care. Here are some unusual uses for cranes. 


Imagine eating a meal 164 feet in the air surrounded by nothing but a beautiful view. 

One company has decided to use cranes to give people a dining experience like no other. Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant group that offers patrons the opportunity to eat on a platform in the sky being held up by a crane. 

The service is also available for high rise weddings. 

Cranes in Space

NASA has developed a crane made of materials that will allow it to lift heavy items in space. The space crane has yet to visit another planet, but its construction makes it able to work in a variety of unusual environments including variations in the atmosphere and gravity. 

People Lifters

Cranes have actually been used to save the lives of the morbidly obese. Sometimes people become so heavy that they become stuck in their homes. They can be lifted up and out of the places where they are trapped through the use of cranes. 

Hospitals sometimes use smaller cranes to move heavy or unconscious patients from one bed to another. 

Bungee Jumping

Have you ever wanted to jump off of a platform 160 feet in the air while connected to an elastic cord? Thrill seekers can do just that with giant cranes. Patrons climb to the top of the crane and are connected to it by a bungee chord. When they jump, it is as if they are jumping into open space. 

Crane jumping is offered as part of many outdoor experience programs and can also be found in some amusement parks. 

Crane Hotel

One large crane in the Netherlands actually holds up a hotel for two. For about $500 visitors can spend the night while being suspended in the air by a dockside crane. The hotel features a luxury bedroom and bathroom in the main control area of the crane as well as a picnic area on top. 

Cranes are amazing machines that are able to complete a great deal of work that is just too difficult for humans alone. Cranes can also provide a bird's eye view and an exciting free fall. The next time you see a crane at a construction site, remember everything that piece of equipment is capable of doing. 

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