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Small Ways To Increase Late-Night Employee Safety At Your 24 Hour Business

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Security concerns are heightened when businesses stay open for 24 hours. Working after dark when the streets are relatively empty comes at its own risks. Following these tips will help you keep your employees safe after hours. Provide Secure Employee Parking Employees who get off their shift at midnight must walk to their car in the dark, and may need to do so alone. Providing your employees with secure parking for these occasions will increase their safety. Provide your employees with a parking lot that is: Near the store or business...

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Easy Ways To Fix Your Clogged Kitchen Sink

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Is your kitchen drain backed up? If so, you may have tried running your garbage disposal to help break down any items that have created a blockage in your kitchen sink. Well, if your garbage disposal isn’t working properly then this may not resolve your issue. To ensure your garbage disposal is working correctly, there are a few things that you will want to do to fix any issues that your disposal may have so you can use your unit to clear your kitchen drain. So, to fix your garbage disposal, you will want to try: Manually Spinning The...

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2 Outdoor Lighting Tips That Will Make Your Home Look Incredible

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If you are a new homeowner, you might be eager to put a personal touch on your place by adding outdoor lighting around your yard. However, if you light your land incorrectly, it could make your space look unorganized. Here are two outdoor lighting tips that will make your home look incredible: 1: Highlight Your Home’s Assets After you run to the hardware store and fill your shopping cart with flood lights and string lighting, you might be ready to find a ladder and get to work. However, if you want to make your outdoor lighting a little...

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Two Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Building’s Elevator Pristine

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An elevator is essential for ensuring that large buildings can easily be accessed by patrons, but keeping an elevator clean can be a highly challenging task. Over the course of a day, there may be hundreds of people that will need to use the elevator, and this can lead to a substantial mess. Sadly, some people underestimate the cleaning needs of these devices, and this can cause them to accidentally damage the door. Fortunately, there are a couple of cleaning tips that you can follow to help ensure that the elevator stays clean without...

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How To Know If Your Tree Is In Need Of Complete Removal

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While you might like the idea of having trees on your property, it is important to know when one must come down due to safety reasons. Take a moment to check out the following signs that should easily alert you to the fact that it is time to call a tree removal company. Extensive Amounts Of Fungus Fungus will grow in large amounts on decaying trees. Therefore, if you spot a large amount of fungus, even if the rest of the tree looks as though it is in good enough shape, you need to call a tree removal company. If you do not act quickly, there...

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Three Tips For Decorating Your Metal Backyard Fence On Halloween

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Halloween is a great time to bring out your artistic abilities, especially if you have a lot of time to make your own custom jack-o’-lanterns and decorations. But since most metal fences from a company like Everlasting Fence expose your backyard to the outside world much more than wooden fences do, there will be a lot of pressure on you to make all of your outdoor decorations attractive. To help in this process, don’t forget these three tips for decorating a metal fence on Halloween. Use Straw Covering To Make Your Backyard...

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Giving Back: What You Can Do As A General Contractor For Your Community

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When your business has been prosperous, you most likely want to thank others and help those around you succeed. As a general contractor, you might be limited fiscally because your cash flow has to be maintained for the next job. However, there are some ways you can contribute charitably that do not involve money. Habitat for Humanity This is an internationally-recognized charity that builds homes for needy families. Although half of the construction crew on every project are volunteers with no construction experience, the other half are...

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The Difference Between Solid And Prefabricated Hardwood Floors

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The cost of installing new hardwood floors in your home will vary greatly depending on several factors. There are many different types of hardwood flooring products and different ways to install the floor. This article will break down the different flooring options so you can figure out which fits best into your personal budget. Prefabricated Floors Perhaps the most affordable style of hardwood floors are prefabricated products. These products are made out of thin veneers of wood and usually cost about $5 per square foot. The top veneer is...

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How To Install A Metal Roof

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If you are looking for a new roofing option for your commercial building, why not consider a metal roof with corrugated slats? This type of roof has a variety of benefits, from the longevity, to the ability to withstand cold, heat, and other elements. If you intend to do some of the work yourself, the following tips can help you get the roof installed. Gather Your Supplies You will need a variety of tools and supplies to install a metal roof, so it helps to first gather the supplies you need. If you regularly do DIY jobs, then you might have...

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Replacing And Maintaining The Thermocouple In Your Gas Furnace

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If the pilot light to your gas furnace isn’t staying lit, you probably need to purchase a new thermocouple. A thermocouple is a special sensor that is connected to the pilot light. It is responsible for measuring voltage and without it, your furnace won’t work properly. You can easily replace this part by following a few steps. Use These Tools pliers adjustable wrench sandpaper sanding block replacement thermocouple lint-free cloth vacuum cleaner Remove The Thermocouple Turn off the power to your furnace. Open the access door to...

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